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During the last five years the international marketing field has developed enormously and the marketing function has now taken the central position in most companies. Increasing interdependence of the world economies has created new markets but also has led to an increased competition in the market place. The globalisation of the marketplace is now a reality, but it led us to some misunderstandings. The concept of the global market, or global marketing, thus needs some clarification. Generally, the concept views the world as one market and is based on identifying and targeting cross-cultural similarities. In our opinion, the global marketing concept is based on the premise of cultural differences and is guided by the belief that each foreign market requires its own culturally adapted marketing strategies. Although consumers dining at McDonald’s in New Delhi, Moscow and Beijing is a reality, the idea of marketing a standardised product with a uniform marketing plan remains ‘purely theoretical’.

The global marketing strategy is thus different from the globalisation of the market. One has to do with efficiency of operations, competitiveness and orientation, the other with homogeneity of demand across cultures. In this book we consider it important to make this distinction and to see how it affects international marketing strategies.

In Europe, where home markets are smaller, companies like Philips, Unilever, Ericsson, Nokia, HSBC, Akzo Nobel and Nestle are deriving up to 80 per cent of their revenues from abroad. The companies that succeed in the twenty-first century will be those capable of adapting to constant change and adjusting to new challenges.

As global economic growth occurs, understanding marketing in all cultures is increasingly important. Whether a company wants to involve directly in international marketing or not, it cannot escape increasing competition from international firms. This book addresses global issues and describes concepts relevant to all international marketers, regardless of the extent of their international involvement. Emphasis is on the strategic implications of competition in the markets of different countries. An environmental/cultural approach to international marketing permits a truly global orientation. The reader’s horizons are not limited to any specific nation or to the particular ways of doing business in a single country. Instead, we provide an approach and framework for identifying and analysing the important cultural and environmental uniqueness of any country or global region.

As a result of extensive review work with the publishers and comments from many reviewers, we evaluated the table of contents and for this new edition have reorganised it so that it better reflects the way topics are taught on most foreign trade, export import or international marketing courses.

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