New Horizons of Public Administration (Seventh Edition)

Author: Mohit Bhattacharya

Publisher: Jawahar Publishers

Language: English

Book Layout: Fixed

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Public Administration as a discipline lid to be concerned earlier about its identity. Most textbooks have dealt with the subject from this traditional point of view. Under the impact of powerful domestic and international forces and new conceptualizations of administrative reality, the discipline today is more concerned about explaining diversity, complexity and interactivity. Globalization and opening up of the economy is a reality now. The earlier role of exclusivity is no longer being accorded to the state and government. In a complex state-society relational situation, the focus has been shifting more and more toward society. Networking with other organisations, rather than exclusivity of government, is what is happening in the practicing world of governance. There are new phrases being coined to characterize the new public administration. The "New Public Management", "Reinventing Government", Entrepreneurial Government" are some of the new concepts being introduced in the subject to connote the present and evolving scenario of public management. This book covers all these and many other new themes of contemporary importance.

About The Author
A well-known scholar in the discipline of Pubic Administration, Professor Mohit Bhattacharya has been Professor of Organisational Analysis at the IIPA, New Delhi. Subsequently, he held the chair of Centenary Professor of Public Administration, Calcutta University. For eight years he served as the Vice-Chancellor of Burdwan University, West Bengal. He was awarded the prestigious National Fellowship of the 1CSSR, New Delhi.

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